Monday, October 29, 2012

Grilled Garden Salad

Steve said he wanted to grill so we are making a grilled salad.  We are using all the components of our normal salad but everything will be grilled.  In ayurveda one of the suggestions for the fall is to limit your intake of raw foods, in other words salads should be taken out of the meal rotation.  This is a way for us to still have salad but everything will be cooked so it shouldn't increase our vata.  Vata is the air and ether element which in most areas of the country is aggravated during the fall with the powerful, gusting winds.

This is really more of a recipe idea but I'm including what we used to make our salad incase you need some inspiration.

Grilled Garden Salad
2 heads romaine lettuce
2 red peppers
1 apple
2 roma tomatoes
Spices of your choice
Balsamic Vinegar
Goat Cheese (optional)

Prepare our Grilled Romaine Lettuce. Chop all the veggies and put in a grill basket.  Dress with a mixture of EVOO and spices of your choice.  Grill until the vegetables are caramelized and soft.  Chop the lettuce. Toss together the lettuce, vegetables, EVOO, balsamic vinegar and goat cheese. Enjoy!

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