Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Food Combining Rules for Better Digestion

One of the biggest things I've learned from Ayurveda is about food combining. Until last year it never even occurred to me that there were some foods I shouldn't eat with other food, but it's changed so much for me.  

I used to have stomach discomfort a few times a week but as I work on bringing these rules into my daily habits it gets better and better. 

The rule that has made the biggest difference for me is not combining fruit with other foods. This is the rule that was the easiest for me to bring into my life on a regular basis. I still love fruit but I make sure to eat it as it's own meal. For example, I will have what ever kind of fruit I have for breakfast or an afternoon snack. If you do want to eat fruit as part of your meal eat it before you eat anything else. When our bodies digest fruit with another type of food a sour and indigestible "wine" in the stomach. 

Tips for using these recommendations:
-Start with eating fruit alone.
-Pay attention to how your body reacts to other bad combinations
-Only break one rule at a time, aka don't mix beans, meat, and cheese into the same meal.

This chart is adapted from Dr. Lad

Question of the Day: What is your favorite kind of fruit?


  1. This is certainly interesting I have all kind of stomach issues and I break all these rules except for the most part I gave up dairy products...I said for the most part b/c every now and then I have to have ice crm. But the fruit which I eat everyday...I mix it in a smoothie...how can I get past that...Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

    1. For your smoothie if it is mostly fruit and you want to keep it that way use almond milk and/or an avocado for the creaminess. Otherwise just make your regular smoothie without the fruit and use a different sweetener. The only recommended dairy/fruit combination is milk and dates so you can also try that! Good luck!

  2. Very cool! I definitely will benefit from this information thanks!