Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anahatasana: Heart Pose

Anahatasana is a great pose for stretching that sweet spot right between the shoulder blades. Anahata is the sanskrit word for "heart." It tends to be a more relaxing pose used as a transition between more difficult poses in a powerful Vinyasa Flow class. 

Start off by coming onto your knees. Place your hands at the top of your mat and have the tips of your fingers on the ground. Reach your hands as far forward as you possibly can. Take a deep inhale and slowly lower your heart towards the ground while keeping your hips in the air. 

Look forward towards your hands as your heart comes closer to the earth. You should feel a stretch between your shoulder blades! If you don't activate your arms, bring your heart lower down, and reach your sit bones towards the sky. Once you find a comfortable position where you can feel the stretch relax and take a few deep breaths while holding the pose. 

If you have knee issues you place a blanket until your knees. This is a good pose to reduce stress.

Question of the Day: Do you hold your stress in your shoulders?

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