Monday, July 15, 2013

Soaked Peeled Almonds

Fresh Almonds with Shell
WOW!!! It's been a great but exhausting few weeks. Steve had 10 days off from work so we drove for two days to Pittsburgh and then were in Becket for another few days before driving back to Texas. It was such a great vacation and was so nice to see our friends and family! 

In honor of road trips I'm going to share one of my favorite snacks today; soaked and peeled almonds! As you probably know by know nuts are a good snack option because they are filled with oil, protein, calcium, and magnesium. I never ate a lot of nuts until I learned about soaking. Soaking nuts makes them one hundred times better!!

I usually take about 10 to 13 almonds and place them in a blow of water. If I plan enough in advance I will let the almonds soak up to 24 hours, but the least amount of time I will allow is 8 hours. The skin is much easier to remove the longer they have soaked. If I've let the almonds soak for over 12 hours the skin will usually just come right off if I rub the nut between my fingers. If I've only let the almonds soak for closer to 8 hours I have to use my finger nail to peel it off. Don't worry it doesn't do any damage to your fingers!

Soaking the almonds makes it easier to remove the skin, but it also added moisture back into the nut. Usually almonds you get from the store are very dry and hard, which make them difficult to digest. Adding water into the almond makes it softer and much easier to digest. 

Almonds are great for easing PMS, supporting pregnancy, and giving you more energy for your day!

Question of the Day: Have you ever soaked nuts before? 

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