Friday, February 15, 2013

Naysa Oil: Allergy and Dryness Nose Remedy

Do you hate that feeling of waking up and not being able to breath deeply through your nose? When it is cold and dry does your nose hurt or bleed? 

Naysa is a great way to fix both of these problems!  Naysa is an herb infused oil that soothes the nasal passages and relieves congestion in the sinuses. Daily nasal lubrication releases tension in the head and reduces accumulated stress.  

Up until a year ago I regularly had congestion which would then turn into sinus infections a few times a year. In the past year I haven't had any sinus issues due to using naysa oil. When I lived in Albuquerque the desert air dried out my nose so much that I would get nose bleeds.  Once I started using the naysa oil the nose bleeds stopped! 

To administer the naysa oil lay on your bed with your head dropping off the side. Squeeze the top of the dropper to fill it with oil. Place the tip of the dropper inside your nostril and place 4 drops around the edge of your nostril and 1 drop in the center of your nose. Repeat with the other nostril. Keep your head tilted back and set down the bottle.  Take your pointer and middle fingers to either side of your nose. As you inhale slide your fingers from your nostril to the bridge of your nose and repeat a few times.  Hold one nostril closed, inhale and switch to the other side.  Slide your body up onto the bed and rest your head here for a minute or so. 

You can do this every morning unless you are on your moon cycle, pregnant, under the age of 7 or over the age of 80.

Make sure to administer the naysa oil on an empty stomach and an hour before or after a shower. Also only do neti pot or naysa oil, not both. Oil and water don't mix so if you do neti pot and naysa there is a possibility of infection. 

Naysa oil is prepared by Ayurvedic companies and use only organic products. The best options I've found are from The Ayurvedic Institute and Banyan Botanicals. One bottle lasts about 5 months if you do it almost every day. If you have any questions about this please let me know!  
Usually I don't let Ollie in the room when I'm doing Naysa but he needed some attention.

And here is a little extra Ollie treat!

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