Thursday, June 6, 2013

Article Round-up: Aging, Face Wash, and a VERY Cute Kid

Time for another Article Round-up!!! 

I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I have!

How To Get Glowing Skin! (Ayurveda with Alicia)
Alicia is one of my favorite resources for interesting information about Ayurveda. She was a student at the Ayurvedic Institute while I was living in Albuquerque and doing my Yoga Teacher Training. My teacher Maria Garre recommended her and although I wasn't able to work with her at the clinic I love all the information she has to share. I've started using this face washing method and love it! The turmeric and chickpea flour is cheap and does wonders for skin blemishes. The rose water is very refreshing and the Shea Butter moisturizes without making your skin oily. 

There's proof: Sunscreen reduced skin aging (CNN)

For as long as I can remember people have been told to wear their sunscreen to protect themselves from skin cancer. Some people listen others don't. This is a new take on it. Make sure to wear your sunscreen if you don't want wrinkles when you are older, or even when you are younger. Take a look at the slideshow at the top of the article showing the damage done from the sun. 

The case for vegetarianism as explained by a toddler (The Yoga Blog)
If you like cute kids watch this video!!!! 

Question of the Day: What articles have you found interesting recently? 

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