Thursday, January 17, 2013

24 Things I've Learned in the Past 24 Years

To celebrate my birthday I put together a list of 24 things I've learned in the past 24 years.

1. All you need is love. Even though they are lyrics in a song it's still true.
2. A hug makes most things better and it's a good rule to give a hug every day. (Thanks Mom.)
3. It's never bad to ask questions. (Thanks Poppie.)

4. The relationship you have with your siblings is the longest one of your life so it's worth putting in the extra effort to make sure it's a great one. (Thanks Bram.)
5. Dogs are the best teachers of unconditional love.
6. Having me-time every day is very important, even if it is only ten minutes.
7. Food that has been cooked with love tastes the best. (Thanks Steve)
8. Learn how to enjoy the little things in life because when life gets harder that might be all that you have.
9. Try new things as often as you can. You never know what you will like that you thought you wouldn't enjoy.
10. Working out always feels better than sitting on a couch.
11. Your brain doesn't always know what is best so make sure to listen to your body.
12. Traveling might seem expensive but the memories you make while traveling will last a lifetime and are priceless.
13. Just because you don't have a sister doesn't mean you won't find one later in life. (Xi)
14. Make sure you can enjoy doing nothing.
15. Enjoy spending time with yourself.
16. There is nothing like getting lost in a great book.
17. Love is not like it seems in the movies.
18. Take care of your body because it's the only one you will ever have.
19. Staying connected over a long distance takes work but in the end the work is worth it.
20. That D I got in Spelling in 5th grade that seemed like the end of the world isn't as bad now as I thought it was back then.
21. Living in a country where you don't speak the language will teach you more about yourself than you ever imagined.
22. After a certain point in your life you reach a point where nothing is awkward (unless you let it be.)
23. Find what you love to do and learn how to make money doing whatever that thing is.
24. You can't control the future, so don't try.

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