Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy End of 2012!!!

I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays. It was so nice to be back at my parent's house and see lots of family and friends. My trips back home always feel too short and very busy.  This time was no different.  When I first arrived we drove down to New Jersey to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins.  As always we ate a lot of food and went shopping.  Everyone had last minute Christmas presents to buy.  On Sunday night we drove back to The Berkshires.  We had a very nice relaxing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  My Oma was there for the whole time and my other grandmother joined us for Christmas Day.  Our neighbors who live in NYC were up for the holiday so they came over for the celebrations. On Wednesday night my biggest Christmas wish came true when we got about 10 inches of snow.  It was so peaceful to watch the snow fall.

My brother and I even went for a walk around midnight while it was still snowing so we could enjoy it even more.  The next morning it was still snowing so we all snuggled up and continued to catch up on episodes of Downton Abbey. I had seen them all last year but loved catching up it was the first time the rest of my family had seen them. Now they are all hooked!! Are you ready for the season premier on Jan. 6th?

In the afternoon we went to clean up the snow. I helped my dad plow! It was exciting but I just rode in the truck with him because there was a sheet of ice underneath the snow which made it difficult.  Then we shoveled out all the cars and the walkways.

Steve and I flew back to Texas on Friday and picked up Ollie. He was very happy to see us! But then slept for about 2 days straight because he was so worn out from his little vacation!  We are getting back into the swing of life now and looking forward to a new and exciting year.

But before I focus on 2013 I want to look back over my past year. Here are some of the highlights:
-Living in Albuquerque with one of my best friends!
-Starting the journey of Yoga Teacher Training
-Driving with Steve from DC to Texas
-Being introduced to Ayurveda
-Spending a wonderful week in The Berkshires over the summer
-Steve and I going through our first deployment when he was in Kuwait for two months
-Moving out of my apartment in ABQ
-Making lots of new friends in Albuquerque who made my time there so great
-Moving to Texas with Steve
-Starting this blog and learning how much I love to write
-Beginning my journey of being a yoga teacher
-Welcoming Ollie to our family
-Starting the next level of my Yoga Teacher Training
-Spending Christmas with my family

Thanks so much to all of you for such a great year! What has your past year been like? Remember to take a moment to reflect back on it before you look into the future!

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