Monday, November 19, 2012

Traveling Tips For Flying

I definitely haven't done as much traveling as many people I know but between living outside of the US and living in DC for four years and Albuquerque for one and now Texas I have spent a lot of time traveling back home for a number of years.  In the past year my travel experience has changed drastically. I have finally figured out what I can do to make the process more comfortable for myself instead of just being tired and grumpy.

Ginger tea makes a huge difference for me. I make a cup of ginger tea the morning before my flight and the warmth seeps right into me keeping me grounded while I'm flying through air. I usually make ginger tea with a few pieces of fresh ginger boiling in water on the stove for a few minutes. But when I'm traveling I bring a few tea bags of ginger tea with me because it's much easier on the road.  When I'm in the airport or on my plane I ask for plain hot water and make some of my own tea with my tea bag.

I used to try to stay away from water when I traveled because I was such a hassle to keep trying to find a bathroom.  But now I try to drink more water (sometimes plain, hot water) than I do on a normal day. Being on a plane really dehydrates people so we need all the extra water we can get.  I always have a water bottle or a travel tea mug with me so I ask the flight attendants to fill it up for me so I can sip it during the entire flight.

The first thing (after my wallet) that I make sure I have with me is food. I always try to bring my own food because I hate not knowing what I will be able to find at the airport or if I will have time. Some things I will bring with me are baked sweet potatoes (you can even eat it like a burrito), roasted vegetables, healthy leftovers from the night before, nuts, and fruit.

I used to try to get a salad in the airport but I don't eat raw foods when I'm traveling because it makes me feel less grounded.  If I'm not able to bring food with me I will try to get oatmeal or a warm soup.

I always bring multiple forms of entertainment. I always have a book with me, either in paper form or now on my Kindle, wherever I go.  I mean I bring something with me everywhere I go: to work, to the store, to just drive somewhere quickly.  If I don't have one I feel like I'm missing something. But I tended to get agitated if I don't have other distractions when I'm traveling.  I also try to have a movie or two on my ipod where I also have music and games. Most importantly I always have a track of Yoga Nidra on my ipod. I love listening to a great Yoga Nidra sequence when I'm traveling, especially if I'm exhausted on my way home.

If you are traveling during this holiday season I hope some of these things help you! And remember the airlines are not out to get you! Stay calm and take a deep breath!

Reader Feedback: Do you have any other suggestions for making traveling a better experience?

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