Thursday, October 4, 2012

Adventures with Ollie: He is a Hunter

Ollie searching for more rats
This week we learned that Ollie is a hunter.  We maybe not an actual hunter than does the killing but he does manage to bring dead animals to us.  For two afternoons in a row Ollie has been playing out in the fenced in yard and come to the back door with a dead rat.  We know they are two different dead rats because Steve was nice enough to put the first one on the trash.

Ollie came home with his first rat on Tuesday afternoon around 3pm.  I was sitting outside and he came from around the other side of the little shed with something in his mouth. At first I thought it was a stick and thought that it was weird to see him carry a stick because he had never done it before with us.  Then I thought that it was a weird shaped stick before realizing that it was actually a dead mouse.  I told Ollie he was a good dog and then that he needed to drop it.  He left it out in the yard and came back in the house with me.  I only had a few minutes before I had to leave to teach a yoga class so I texted Steve letting him know that there was a dead rat outside.  However, Steve's phone was off because he was in a meeting and he didn't get the text until after Ollie showed him the rat.  When Steve let Ollie out after getting home from work Ollie ran right over to the rat, picked it up and took it all over the yard while Steve went inside to get a plastic bag to put it in.  Eventually Steve was able to get it into the bag and hug it from a hook on the side of the house since he couldn't deal with Ollie and the rat at the same time.  When I got home from teaching we let Ollie outside again and he instantly walked over to where the rat was hanging and tried jumping up to get it.  Steve took the rat in the bag to the trash and I kept Ollie occupied.
"I kill rats to show my family how much I love them"

On Wednesday afternoon I let Ollie play outside and after about 30 minutes he came trotting inside with another rat in his mouth.  Yes, inside the house! He dropped it on the floor and I ran into the bed room to get shoes on.  On a side note I'm not a fan of rodents at all.  I wouldn't say it is a fear but more of the fact that they just gross me out and give me the chills when I think about them.  Just witting this is making me feel like I have things crawling on my body, but I will get through it. So after putting on Steve's army boots, long pants, and a long sleeved coat I came out into the hall and Ollie had followed me with the rat in his mouth which he dropped onto the floor again.  Somehow without totally freaking out I was able to convince Ollie to pick it up and follow me outside with it. I think he thought we were playing a game or going to play one.  Now it is sitting outside waiting for Steve to come home and Ollie has been crying out the window for the past hour.

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