Friday, September 21, 2012

Adventures with Ollie: One Week Together

Ollie has been a part of our family for one week now.  It's been a great week and we have all learned a lot.  I haven't started working yet so most days I am home with Ollie while Steve is at work. It's really nice for everyone that we are getting that time together.  I'm excited to start teaching some yoga classes next week but am happy that my first week working I will only be teaching 3 classes before my schedule goes to more than 6 a week.  It will give both Ollie and I some time to adjust.

Here are some notes from our past week together:

  • Ollie doesn't like going to the bathroom in the rain. But really who can blame him.  This made for an interesting first weekend since it rained 4 inches over 3 days, but we made it work.
  • In the entire 7 days Ollie has been here I've heard him bark once.  Our neighbor's Basset Hound, named Nudge, spends a lot of time outside.  When he barks Ollie usually just runs back and forth next to the fence or ignores him.  One day Nudge started barking while Ollie and I were in the house and Ollie let out one normal bark...just one little woof.  And we haven't heard another one since.
  • Instead of barking Ollie has started what we are calling "talking."  It's half way between a howl and a yawn. It usually varies in pitch which is why we are calling it talking, like when a baby is talking but really can't communicate.  It's not very loud and actually very cute.  He does it mostly when we first wake up or he is hungry.
  • Ollie is an early riser.  He thinks the rest of the world gets up at 5:15 when Steve does to go to PT (physical training).  I've been able to convince him to go back to bed usually but a few mornings he wins and we get up and go for our walk early.
  • Ollie loves going for our morning walks which are usually between 45 minutes and an hour.  He tired and ready for breakfast by the time we get home.
Ollie's car ride home.

Investigating his new kingdom.
His first walk. 

His stuffed animal bear that lasted about 10 minutes before it lost its ears, hat, and insides. 

A very happy first time dog daddy!


  1. He looks like a great dog!! I cant wait to meet him! will he get to meet Isa ever?

  2. She will someday but it might not be for a few years! You'll get to meet him in March!!!!!