Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Finding Yoga Classes Where Yoga Isn't Popular

Back in February I wrote about finding the perfect yoga class for you. If you live in a city or area where yoga is very popular there are more yoga studios and classes than you can imagine so the trick is to sort through them to figure out which style fits you best. In area of the country where yoga isn't as popular or things are just more spread out it can be challenging to find any yoga class.

If you live a rural area or place where the yoga bug hasn't come yet there are still many ways to do yoga. The first option is to look for yoga classes at places like gyms, the YMCA, the local community center, and the library. You might even try asking your health care provider if they know of any classes. Some doctors are tuned into this but others are not. Another place to look is at health food stores. They might not offer a class but they might know some yoga teachers who shop at their store or even where a class is offered. 

Another great option is looking on the internet. Simply google "yoga" with your zip code or city and see what comes up. If your search doesn't give you any good results try changing the location by using the county or nearby cities. Instead of thinking about the place where you live think about where you work, or even towns that are within what you consider a reasonable driving distance and search in those places.

If you aren't successful in finding a class that works for you try getting in touch with the teacher and see if they offer private classes. If you don't want to pay for a private get a group of friends together and see if the teacher is willing to teach you and your friends for their regular private rate.

Remember to keep in mind that not all yoga classes and yoga teachers are alike so if you do find a teacher in your area that doesn't fit with you keep looking or maybe ask that teacher if they know anyone else who teaches yoga classes. 

If you are unable to find a yoga class there are many options to do yoga DVDs or take classes online

AND...I'm happy to announce that in the next few months I will be branching into teaching yoga on Skype! I've done it a few times with my dad and we are still working out the kinks but I will be ready to go soon. I will post more information about this soon!! 

Question of the Day: Where have you found yoga classes in unusual places? 

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