Thursday, April 25, 2013

Benefits of Yoga

Over the years I've heard and experiences many different benefits of yoga. It's not something I think about very often but last week I saw this image on facebook.

I'm not sure where all this information came from or how scientific it is but I see no reason to believe there isn't some truth behind each of these statements. I know from personal experience that arm strength, posture, flexibility, peace of mind, and less stress all come from practicing yoga. After a few years of practicing I'm still amazed at how much my body and mind have changed from yoga.

I still have memories of taking tests in high school with so much pain in my neck and shoulders that I would give myself a massage with one hand while I wrote with the other. There are still days when I find myself hunching over my computer while I type but after a little while my body realizes what it's doing and corrects its self. 

Question of the Day: What are your favorite benefits of yoga (or any type of workout)?

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  1. I like this. I'm considering starting a new diet routine that requires a couple of days of yoga, so I'll be back to read more articles.